Tears of Joy

Sorrow and sadness are part of our human existence, both personally and on a global level. In reflecting on grief, I am aware that there is simultaneously a feeling of deep love, if we open ourselves completely to the emotion. Tears have a purifying, rejuvenating, and Light-bearing power, as well as a great capacity to heal. Consider the miracle of the raising of Lazarus. It took a unification of the deepest human expression; first, the tears of Mary and the others gathered there, and then the tears of Jesus, combined with the most all-embracing, highest divinity (Divine Breath, known in Hebrew as ruach). Lazarus was not just lifted from the grave; he was healed as well. (John XI 33-38)

A Rainbow of Tears

There exists an entire rainbow of tears, including tears of gratitude, admiration, compassion, suffering, sorrow, and joy, which I think of as spiritual joy. Tears are the bearer of human humility; they are a gift and carry with them Divine Light.

Often, a song or solo by a musician brings me to tears because it reminds me of both my humanity and my Divinity. In this experience, my whole being is involved. Music is one way that I have always expressed my deepest feelings and relationship with God, and I’m often inspired to create music in the moments when I feel most connected. Recently, while reflecting on sorrow and love, I wrote a song called “Tears of Joy.” Just as moving waters precede a rainbow, so do tears precede the rainbow of illuminating Light.[i]

Tears connect us to the feminine side of God—comfort, compassion, gentleness, kindness, humility, and inwardness, and remind us of our connection to Mother Earth. It is important to keep in mind that God, though not male or female from a gender perspective, is both masculine and feminine. For example, God is described in both masculine and feminine imagery in the opening verses of Genesis. God (a masculine noun) creates by his Word, and life begins as the spirit (a feminine noun) of God , and hovers over the earth with her life-giving breath.[ii]

In order to become the most just, kind, and humble version of ourselves possible, it is essential to practice a faith that expresses itself in love. When we live together in love and strive toward a new humanity, we can all partake in tears of joy as ONE.

[i] Tomberg, Valentin, Covenant of the Heart, pg. 78; Element Inc. 1992

[ii] Blenkinsopp, Joseph, contributor to The Jerusalem Bible; interview 1974.

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2 Replies to “Tears of Joy”

  1. Beautiful and so poetic. When we strive to surprise and mesmerize those we love, when we can see patients as a vase full of flowers that we love, so much joy pours forth. Let God guide you, direct you, lead you.

  2. Thanks Donnie. Certainly timely insights in experiencing the grief from the passing of our good friend Paul. What struck me the most of your insight is the peace that came from acknowledging deep love happens to be tied to sorrow. Our sorrow, in part, is a reflection of our deep love, and that is a very positive thing in this world. Love is an amazing motivator. Thank you.

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