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  1. I have recommended you to MANY people I’ve met fighting cancer. Just one
    quick question….are you recommending the flu vaccine this year….I’m 73. thank YOU

  2. Hi, Love your products. Vital Adapt is great, some mornings i just feel yuck and i take vital adapt and it helps. I have used quercetin for several years, then i found yours, i do not like the smell, BUT is good and really helps with allergies, my friend use to work at vitamin store and we know how good quercetin is, and i tell people about it and they just say never heard of it, so i tell them about NATURA. I watched you on a Martha Stewart show. I also got Beyond Whey.

  3. Donnie, what are your thoughts about vaccines for the virus?
    Are they any more effective than natural ways?
    Appreciate your thoughts

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