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  1. I have recommended you to MANY people I’ve met fighting cancer. Just one
    quick question….are you recommending the flu vaccine this year….I’m 73. thank YOU

  2. Hi, Love your products. Vital Adapt is great, some mornings i just feel yuck and i take vital adapt and it helps. I have used quercetin for several years, then i found yours, i do not like the smell, BUT is good and really helps with allergies, my friend use to work at vitamin store and we know how good quercetin is, and i tell people about it and they just say never heard of it, so i tell them about NATURA. I watched you on a Martha Stewart show. I also got Beyond Whey.

  3. Donnie, what are your thoughts about vaccines for the virus?
    Are they any more effective than natural ways?
    Appreciate your thoughts

  4. Hi Donnie, I stumbled upon your website a few weeks ago and loved it, then got a copy of your book, “Adaptogens.” It is so helpful! The introduction to your book made me understand why I took such a quick liking to you – jazz music and John Coltrane, in particular! I am a musician (composer, pianist and saxophonist) who loves jazz as well as all other types of music. Anyway, over the last few days I have been researching Magnolia and you are the only herbalist I follow who mentions Magnolia. Do you have any thoughts on how to harvest the bark? I have a very large Magnolia tree in my yard and there are always small branches to prune. I would love to put them to use. Thanks so much for any input!

  5. Just read your post on aging and cholesterol. What about Lipoprotein (a)? Do you know of this? I have just learned I have this genetic anomaly. Dr.s want me on statins, but they know next to nothing about it. Very frustrating, needing guidance. Thank you.

  6. I recently read your article on depression and it was very informative. It really makes me confident in my choice to take ST. John’s Wort instead of using anti-depressants. I am wondering if you have any thoughts on 5-HTP as an anti-depressant? I am considering this as well. Thank you

  7. Got to meet you in Tempe a few years ago at a fantastic conference and have followed you since! Love your posts. Are you working on any recommendations for herbal remedies for covid vaccine injury? I have two close friends who’ve suffered kidney damage and of course there is the blood clot issue as well as neuro problems. I have not seen anyone address this and a lot of folks need direction.

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