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I  spend my days immersed in research, writing, and consulting on cancer and healing through the intelligent use of botanical and nutritional medicine.

What fuels my passion: a desire to be of service, devotion to my Franciscan theology, playing jazz music, nature, and my family.

My blog is a synthesis of these areas. It is also my analyses of the latest scientific research as well as discussions of how to live a life that embraces thriving. My hope is that you’ll discover information, inspiration, and encouragement that will guide you in your journey to optimal health and well-being.

Best wishes, Donnie Yance

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10 Replies to “Sign Up for the Blog”

  1. I have been taking Dr. David Winston‘s herbal classes ….this is my third year and he speaks so highly of you. I wanted to get to know about you and what you do. I toolove music,I play the fiddle and I am a veterinarian. We have a lot of cancer in our animals and just had a wonderful seminar with some great speakers including Chanchal Cabrera as a part of the American College of veterinary botanical medicine and the veterinary botanical medical Association Joint annual conference. Thanks for doing what you do Jamie Moran

  2. I have been very curious about your approach to cancer treatment and prevention. I just listened to your podcast with Dr. John Douillard who I’ve worked with in past years but now I need more specific help and really resonated with what you had to say!
    Thank you,

  3. Dear Donnie,

    I am a functional medical doctor from UK. I just want to say thanks for such an excellent blog and website. All the best for future.

    Thanks again
    Shahzad Faisal

  4. I have your book, Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism, purchased when you came to speak at Dr. Warren Ross’ office in Columbia, MD quite a few years ago. It is very helpful. Recently I was looking into Berberine for diabetes management instead of Metformin. I’d like to be added to your blog/e-mail list please. Thank you.

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