Healing Philosophy

Whenever we treat a person with cancer, or any disease for that matter, we must first approach the root, or source. Every stream on earth has a source, every plant has a root, and every person has an origin, a core essence—a ‘Life Force.’  -Donald Yance 

My healing philosophy is rooted in my philosophy of life, which can be distilled to the simple precepts of interconnectedness and love. Whereas modern life and modern medicine have become increasingly fragmented, the truth is that we cannot heal without becoming whole. To become whole requires looking deeply and honestly at all aspects of our lives, taking into account our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. To heal, we must learn to love ourselves. We must also discover what enlivens us and what makes life worth living. I believe that the true essence of healing is to thrive, not merely survive. When we live in accordance with our unique self-expression, we naturally nourish our Life Force, and as a result, we become whole and healthy.

Although the foundation of my healing approach is deeply rooted in traditional medical philosophies and practices, I draw extensively upon modern scientific research as a vital cornerstone for my work. Researching and reviewing the latest scientific studies is part of my daily routine. This continual stream of research contributes to the rationale for my clinical recommendations. Thus, my clinical approach is a comprehensive, evolving blend of traditional healing paradigms, modern science, and my experience with clients.

Merging traditional nature-based medical systems with modern, scientifically based conventional medical knowledge enables me to successfully treat the difficult cases I so often encounter. For example, I utilize specific biomarkers (such as blood and hormone panels) to provide valuable information for formulating protocols that contribute to both quality-of-life and lifespan. My treatment plans include botanical and nutritional formulas that are integrated with individualized diet, exercise, and lifestyle programs.

Over the years, based on this comprehensive foundation, my philosophy and practice have evolved into the integrative model that I call the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS). This system is a cohesive approach to healing that calls for the integration of traditional, wholistic medicine with modern, allopathic medicine—thus creating a custom-tailored approach for each individual that relies on scientific research, logic, common sense, and intuitive wisdom. The emergence of the ETMS model is the culmination of nearly twenty-five years of clinical practice. I consider this to be my healing quest and my life’s work.

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