A Collection of Practitioner & Client Comments Regarding Personal Experiences
with Donnie Yance, CN, MH, RH (AHG), SFO

“Before I met you, I had some idea about working with cancer, but really didn’t know how much I could do to improve outcomes and quality of life. You have given me a model that is completely workable with cancer, one that allows me to work with people at their comfort level, and one that really affects outcomes. Learning from you has changed the way I practice, and the way I see things clinically. Thank you for giving me the tools and confidence to be able to really help these folks.” – Steve Gomberg, MTOM, L.Ac
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I would like to express my warmest thanks to Donnie Yance, CN, MH, RH (AHG), and the team at Natura Health Products for the profound impact their formulas have had on the quality of life and health of my patient population. I have used the Natura products for many years to treat both acute as well as chronic illness with great success. Whether it be fatigue, hypercholesterolemia, cancer, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, heart disease, the common cold, the flu and so much more that the family medical doctor sees in their patient population, Donnie and the Natura name has been an invaluable asset to my wellness programs. Thank you Natura for all that you do for me and the grateful patients that I get to share you with! – Ariane Cometa, MD, The Cometa Wellness Center
“The opportunity to study under you has transformed my life. It has been so empowering to both myself and the patients to understand cancer and our immune systems – hope and hunger for knowledge is sparked. Thank you for sharing so freely the knowledge and wisdom that has taken decades of intense study to obtain.”  – James Roach, M.D.
“First and foremost may I say that it is a pleasure to work with you.  I have not found anyone like you who works in complementary care who is willing to work things both ways as it were and who has been so helpful to patients.” – Physician, Johns Hopkins University
“No provider, especially in the field of oncology, should even consider treating people with cancer without this “Clinical Training” course.  It opens up a whole new world that so many people can benefit from.  The expertise of the teachers in this course is overwhelming.” – Laura Pasternak, M.D.
“You are an inspiration and a national treasure of information.  All of us were so entranced with your breadth of knowledge and your willingness to share.” – Martha Stewart, August 2007
“This intensive was extremely educational.  Donnie is obviously brilliant and very knowledgeable as well as balanced with intuition and spirituality.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program.” – Ruth Banghart, Clinical Nutritionist
“What I liked most about the Clinical Phytotherapy Training was the information presented and the level of teaching.  Donnie is so clear, precise, and gentle in his deep insights and knowledge.  Thank you so much for the opportunity.” – Fawni Spottswood, Clinical Herbalist
“Each time I’ve heard you speak – including last weekend at the Cancer Conference – I’ve been so moved by your ability to talk about love, as the basis for healing.  This is a note of appreciation for your “beingness”, and your ability to articulate that so well.” – Elaine H. Fielder, LCSW
“I want to thank you so much for the retreat I attended in April.  But how do you put into words, gratitude, for something so profound?  I don’t know where to begin, except to say that participating in the retreat changed my life.  There were so many gifts, and the one I’m most grateful for is that I’m no longer consumed with fear.” – Pamela Santana
“I am writing to you in deep appreciation and thanks for all that you have done for my mother.  I was ecstatic last week when she called to tell me the results of her recent CT scan.  It is really a miracle that she is doing so well.  I feel so lucky that we have found you!” – Sandy Worcester
“Thank you so much for the gift of this book.  The information from your scholarship and experience in contemporary science and in traditional healing seems so comprehensive, I feel confident trusting it.  But more than that, the factual detail helps me focus on scientific elements as I visualize healing effects of diet, supplements, etc.” – Karen McComber
“My wife just finished her third round of treatment for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and the doctors at the clinic in Brazil are astounded by her magnificent test results and that she has not manifested any of the typical side effects and is noticeably more vibrant than other patients.  We believe that her progress is due to your protocol and guidance.  There is something very special about what you people do and I thank God for it.”  – Murray Silver, Savannah, Georgia
“As a result of Donnie’s care, I am today completely free of cancer and significantly recovered from the after effects of radiation. The diet that Donnie programmed for me and the arrangement of herbal and supplemental remedies, which have been carefully modified at each stage of my recovery, have contributed to what my doctors regard as excellent health. Donnie is a master of nutrition and herbal remedies, combining an extraordinary grasp and knowledge of the most current laboratory and clinical research with an unusually sharp mind, a deep intuitive spirit, and years of his own clinical experience. Donnie is a gifted healer, and a gift to anyone fortunate enough to come under his care.” – Ralph Temple, Ashland, Oregon
“Donnie has an astounding understanding and knowledge of how herbs and plants, including the food we eat, help the entire organism—body, mind, spirit—function optimally. Donnie also knows that love is the essential ingredient in any healing therapy and he generously and unconditionally bestows love on the people he treats. Donnie Yance is an extraordinary healer. Donnie Yance is a friend. Donnie Yance saved my life!” – Bobby Alexander, La Jolla, California
“Donnie has remarkable knowledge and deep understanding of the medicinal healing properties of plants, herbs, and nutritional supplements and their interactions in the body. As a wise artist, he is gifted with the ability to apply this knowledge skillfully and sensitively to the person he is working with. His unique gift is in creating a treatment program that best invites the body to participate in the healing process and restore the balance and harmony according to the needs of the particular individual. Since being his patient, for which I am deeply grateful and honored, I reap the benefits of a healthier life as his treatment program has gently and powerfully allowed my body to heal and strengthen.”  – Kelly Alexander, La Jolla, California
“Dante said, ‘Infinite goodness has such wide arms.’ This applies to you, Donnie. Your philosophy, your commitment, and your knowledge are deeply moving and inspiring. Thank you.” – Pamela & Michael Alper
“Diagnosed at age 48 with a hormone receptor positive breast cancer tumor, I remember the surprised reactions of my doctors each time I told them about what you were doing for me in conjunction with their care. My doctor’s jaw dropped after a one-month post radiation visit and she said, ‘you have healed more in one month than some people have in a year and your skin didn’t even peel!’ Another time, my oncologist warned me my liver tests would come back very toxic after seven chemotherapy treatments, but they were completely normal, thanks to the herbs you suggested to counteract the toxicities of treatment…. I just wanted to tell you how very grateful I am for your help. I think about my mother who died of breast cancer and wish she had been so lucky to have had your help. I want to do all I can to tell others of your brilliance. Maybe it will save their life too.”  – Gail Merrill, New Canaan, Connecticut
“We know Donnie, his generous heart, passion of healing and helping others inspire all of us. He is a visionary leader in the filed, moving forward with incredible speed, as he connects the beautiful ancient herbal wisdom with modern molecular medicine and traditional chemo/radiation therapy.  He opened a new approach of healing, with the ETMS, fundamentally shifting our disease oriented thinking to a more open holistic view, where every therapeutic decision is well supported with scientific data, good reasoning and it is truly ‘personalized medicine.’ Love and respect of the patients is the very basis of everything he does. I hope in time we can grow together with him in knowledge to help our patients.” – Dr. Agnes Horvath, Pediatric Oncologist
“I have known Donald Yance Jr., (Donnie) since 1993 where the only way to meet with him was to stand in the nutritional supplement aisles at  Food For Thought (an organic market that he owned)!  I met him right after I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Donnie was and is a lifesaver.  He always spent the time with me explaining what he was recommending to me and why.  To this day, 2011, I still am working with Donnie at least annually.  I have seen him grow from a knowledgeable herbalist to a brilliant research based herbalist giving sound advice and recommendations.  He does this not only from his knowledge base but from his heart.  The combination of the two makes each recommendation one that treats the whole person, body and spirit.  I have now been cancer free for 17 years thanks to Donnie and his integrative approach with my allopathic physicians. Four years ago my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  I immediately contacted Donnie. He asked many questions, asked for the physician’s test results on my Dad, and then prescribed supplements for my Dad.  My Dad has now been cancer free for 3 years, and again, we owe that to the integration of Donnie’s knowledge base with allopathic medicine.” – Ann S. Katz, MS
“Donnie has cared for me since 2003, when I was diagnosed with a small but very aggressive ovarian cancer. I have survived two recurrences and remain in what I consider excellent health except for this stubborn chronic disease, which, as a team, we have been able to keep under control. I attribute my physical strength during and after chemotherapy, and continued enjoyment of my life to Donnie’s protocols for healthy food, targeted herbal supplements for any out-of-balance ailments and complaints, and wise lifestyle recommendations.  But most of all, I am grateful for his endless optimism, his boundless and very reassuring knowledge of the medicine which he shares readily, and his deep sense of spirituality and concern for his patients. It is also rare in a practice as busy as his that the entire clinical support staff is as consistently organized, pleasant and professional as it is. (The Centre for Natural Healing) from Donnie down should be a model for patient care and support.” – Binnie B. Fry, McLean, Virginia
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