Plant Medicine Can be a Powerful Ally for Cancer Patients

Improving Cell Metabolism with Botanical Compounds

Healthy cell metabolism or normal cellular metabolism is when the chemical reactions that occur in living cells are working properly. Our bodies are made up of over 37 trillion human cells: 37,200,000,000,000. For our bodies to work right, our cells must engage in healthy cell metabolism. Plant medicine can be a powerful ally for cancer patients.

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Acts of Kindness: What Martin Luther King Teaches Us About Love

Acts of kindness are love in action.

However, as much as we want to be loving and kind and do good deeds, doing so may take us out of our comfort zone.

That’s okay. God supports us in making mistakes. The path toward acts of kindness will be riddled with mistakes.

It involves risk-taking and boundary-crossing for the sake of growth in consciousness, relationship-building, and the pursuit of bringing love and goodness to the world.[1] 

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Searching for Happiness and Peace

Searching for happiness and peace has to do with our connectedness to ourselves, those around us, and to our universe.

“Many of us feel disconnected by difficult times, longing for ways to awaken God’s love in ourselves and the world,” Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest, has written in his book The Universal Christ, “The reality we face is simple yet difficult—the healing of the world hinges upon honoring the inherent sacredness of the world and everyone in it.”

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Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease – Quercetin to the Rescue

Where are we with COVID-19? And what about vaccine-associated enhanced disease?

The BA.4.6 and BF.7 COVID variants have been slowly picking up steam in the United States. A few weeks ago, BQ.1.1 started to steal the spotlight.

Indeed, it still looks like a contender to take over in Europe and North America this fall. Finally, a lineage called XBB looms on the sidelines, according to the Washington Post. (The article is behind a paywall, but you can read it without subscribing here.) This variant threatens to scramble the forecast.

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A Bogus Study Makes False Claims About Statins Versus Supplements

Statins for Lowering Heart Disease: A Bogus Study Fuels False Claims

Do statins for lowering heart disease work? The headlines recently announced that low doses of statins reduce the risk of heart disease, while supplements do nothing. 

For instance, a CNN headline from November 7 reads: “Don’t bother with dietary supplements for heart health, study says.” crows: “Study – For Lowering Cholesterol, Statins Work, Supplements Don’t.”

This blanket mainstream praise of statins for lowering heart disease comes from a new study: “Comparative Effects of Low-Dose Rosuvastatin, Placebo and Dietary Supplements on Lipids and Inflammatory Biomarkers.” The study was conducted by an impressive team of researchers from several esteemed institutions, including the Cleveland Clinic and the University of Pennsylvania.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Calcium and our Heart Health

When it comes to calcium and heart health, calcium is a major player.

Calcium is one of the Swiss army knives of our body’s chemistry. In addition to its contribution to our bones, teeth, and nails, calcium is essential to the chemistry that makes our muscles contract and release, including the muscles in the heart. You need calcium to conduct nerve impulses, create blood clots when you’re injured, and help your cells grow normally.

At the same time, however, calcium’s pervasive presence throughout the body, and its role in healing, can also lead to problems.

Older healthy happy people who take calcium for their heart health

I call this the calcium paradox.

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